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Check out our range of services and book online with our qualified experts below!

  • Blood pressure checks + -

    Maintaining healthy blood pressure is important otherwise you could be at risk of diseases such as heart attack, kidney failure and stroke. A good way to monitor your blood pressure is through our in-store blood pressure checks, a fairly straight forward and easy process, visit us and get yours today. Cost is $5 with a pharmacist.

  • Compliance packaging ( Sachet and Medico ) + -

    We offer Compliance packaging for our customers to help you stay adherent to your medications. Compliance packaging is a great option for those with regular and varied medication to help you stay on top of it. Visit us in-store to get yours made up today.

  • Emergency Contraceptive + -

    Our pharmacists are qualified to provide over the counter Emergency contraceptive pill. This can be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex, to protect against pregnancy. Visit us in-store and speak to our pharmacist for more info.

  • UTI Treatments + -

    Our trained Pharmacists are able to offer antibiotic treatment for UTIs where appropriate without the need for a prescription. Visit us in-store and chat to our pharmacist for more info.

  • Oral Contraceptive + -

    We can renew your oral contraceptive prescription in the pharmacy, saving you a trip to the GP, if you’ve received an oral contraceptive prescription from your GP in the past three years.

    The combined oral contraceptive – without a prescription – is available to women in good health aged 16-39 years of age. Brands available to be purchased without a prescription include Microgynon, Levlen, Brevinor and Norimin.

    The progesterone only pill or mini-pill – without a prescription – is available to women in good health aged 16-52 years of age.  Brands available to be purchased without a prescription include Cerazette, Microlut and Noriday.

    Visit us in-store and chat to our pharmacist to find out what best suits you today.

  • B12 injections + -

    Vitamin B12 is necessary for making red blood cells and is important for the health of nerve cells and the formation of genetic material. Initial symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include dizziness and fatigue. Without treatment, deficiency can result in worsening anaemia, damage to the nervous system and other health issues. Our trained vaccinator can administer your prescribed B12 injection in-store, book your appointment online.

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  • Flu vaccinations + -

    Influenza is a serious illness and the best protection you can get is an annual flu vaccine. We are able to vaccinate all those aged 13 years and over, and over 65 years olds are FREE. Book your flu vaccine online today.

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  • Other Vaccinations MMR, Zostavax, COVID and more + -

    Vaccinations like the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine are also available at Unichem Hickeys, along with the shingles vaccine Zostavax. Measles is one of the most infectious diseases for humans, and Shingles most commonly affects older adults or people of any age with a weakened immune system. If you think you might be at risk of catching either of these, book an appointment with our pharmacist today. COVID Vaccinations are now available in our pharmacy for 12 years and over. To book your Covid Vaccination with us please visit and select Hickeys Pharmacy.

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  • Script reminder + -

    When you have a repeat prescription due, the Prescription Reminder Service will send a reminder text to you and you text back free of charge to activate your script.

    It takes less than a minute to sign up and is FREE which means you’ll never miss another prescription or repeat. Plus you’ll save time, as your prescription will be ready waiting for you. 

    Next time you are picking up a script, have a chat to one of our staff about our Prescription Reminder Service.

  • Weight management + -

    If you’re looking to manage your weight, have a look at our blog for useful articles or visit us in-store for a personalised programme and support. We offer a range of weight management options to suit individual needs as well as natural health options to assist in weight management. Come in and chat with one of our friendly staff today!

  • Smoking cessation + -

    Quit smoking for good with a personalised consultation from our pharmacists. There’s no need to book an appointment, and we can supply smoking cessation products to you in the same visit.

    We carry a variety of Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products, most of which are fully funded.

    The supply of NRT products is subsidised when provided by a pharmacist. A consultation fee applies for this service.

  • Passport Photos + -

    Visit us today for instant passport or visa application photos. We can instantly print and provide digital images, and we use the Department of Internal Affairs’ passport checking service to ensure the images meet the requirements.

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  • Event / Special occasion make-up + -

    Our trained Make up artist is a Revlon expert with a Certificate in Makeup and skincare. Look amazing at your next special event and book a makeover with us today!

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  • Ear Piercing + -

    Our staff are trained in ear piercing, and provide safe and professional piercing services. Book your ear piercing appointment online today. Please call us if you need two piercers at the same time. We provide ear piercing for 6 years and older.

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